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December 12, 2019
by wkeogh

Spanish news

As the year ends, it’s time to reflect on the achievements of everyone across the year levels. We’ve had a successful year in Spanish and I trust that many students feel confident in their abilities after the learning that we have done across the year. Firstly, a big thank you to Nate Thomas and Olivia Dufty, Laburnum Primary School’s first Spanish Captains. I have appreciated the work they have done to contribute to our Spanish Club each week and promote Spanish across the school in assemblies. I am looking forward to working closely with next year’s Spanish Captains to continue with the great work that Nate and Olivia have begun.

Our Prep students have covered a lot of content in just a short time. Most are confident with greetings, likes and dislikes, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, the alphabet, numbers 1-10, good manners and family. To encourage memorization, I have encouraged the Preps to practice with siblings or to teach their parents!

Our Year 1 students have had a term away from Spanish and I am looking forward to seeing them next year again!

Our Year 2/3 students completed this term looking at Las Estaciones (The Seasons), El cuerpo (the body) and revising Los Meses del Año (The Months of the Year). Our classroom manners unit has been successful, with many still asking to borrow items in Spanish and remembering to say muchas gracias y por favor!

Our Year 4/5 students have had an excellent finish to the term, exploring various Hispanic festivals from around the world, such as La Feria de Las Flores (Medellín, Colombia), Las Fallas (Valencia, Spain), La Tomatina (Buñol, Spain), Rio Carnival (Brazil) y Las Castelles (Tarragona, Spain) This project work has used digital technology across a three week period. It has produced many forms of work, such as short performances, tourist brochures, posters, PowerPoint presentations and quiz shows. It has largely been student-directed and it has been great to see everyone working enthusiastically to finish the year so positively.

Our Year 6’s have also been doing a great job working on their ‘surprise’ pieces of work for their Prep Buddies. All have risen to the challenge of using their time effectively in class and we hope to have the ‘surprise’ ready for the last week of term to share with our buddies. I wish you all ¡Buena suerte! in high school next year- you will be missed!

Holiday Tips:

There are many children’s TV shows on Netflix that can be accessed with sub-titles which is a great way to encourage listening and reading in Spanish, so I encourage all students to try this if possible.

Practice every day words as part of your conversation. One Year 5 student mentioned that she always greeted people with a “¡Hola!” instead of a hello these days- it’s so easy to incorporate what you already know into conversations!


¡Que tengan unas felices y seguras vacaciones y nos vemos el próximo año!

(Have a safe and happy holiday and see you next year!)

Señora Mason

November 1, 2019
by edconnor

School Spectacular Auditions 2020

2020 Victorian State Schools Spectacular


Year 3 students who sign up to audition for next year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular will participate in a GROUP dance audition (in the Music room).  Students will be expected to learn and perform part of the routine below (please refer to video).  A set of criteria (including rhythm/coordination, expression and memory) will be used to assess auditions and determine successful applicants.

Please learn the dance moves from the beginning of the routine below until the 1:35 minute mark (only).  Follow the direction of the dancers on the video (as if you’re mirroring the moves).



Alicia King and Jen Wake

October 18, 2019
by wkeogh

Music News

We only have a few weeks before our Oxfam performance! The year 3 and 4 choir will be performing ‘Chicken on a Fence-post’, the 5 and 6 choir will perform ‘Life’s a Happy Song,’ and together the choirs will sing ‘Oye’.

Please read the following information on the concert. A note with more details will go out to choir members shortly.

Date: Wednesday 13 November

Time: arrive 6:30pm for a 7pm start. Will go to approximately 9:15pm.

Location: Box Hill Town Hall

You can purchase tickets by following the link below. Please note, performers don’t need a ticket.


Lyrics for ‘Life’s a Happy Song’

Ev’rything is great

Ev’rything is grand
I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand
Ev’rything is perfect
It’s falling into place
I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face
Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by my side to sing along

When you’re alone, life can be a little rough
It makes you feel like you’re 3 foot tall
When it’s just you well, times can be tough
When there’s no one there to catch your fall

Ev’rything is great

Ev’rything is grand
I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand
Ev’rything is perfect
It’s falling into place
I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face

Life smells like a rose
(Matilda) With someone to paint
(Aanaya) And someone to pose
Life’s like a piece of cake
(Henry) With someone to pedal
(Andres) And someone to brake
Life is full of glee
(Sara) With someone to saw
(Cilla) And someone to see
Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by my side to sing along

I’ve got everything that I need right in front of me
Nothing’s stopping me
Nothing that I can’t be
With you right here next to me

Life’s a piece of cake
(Lauren) With someone to give
(Deeksha) And someone to take
Life’s a piece of pie
(Mieke) With someone to wash
(Ava) And someone to dry
Life’s an easy road
With someone beside you to share the load
(San) Life is full of highs
(Harriet) With someone to stir
(San) And someone to fry
Life’s a leg of lamb
With someone there to lend a hand
Life’s a bunch of flowers
With someone to while away the hours
(Amelie)Life’s a filet of fish

(Nate) Eh!
Yes, it is
Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by your side to sing along


I’ve got everything that I need right in front of me
Nothing’s stopping me
Nothing that I can’t be
With you right here next to me

You’ve got everything that you need right in front of you.
Nothing’s stopping you
Nothing that you can’t do that the world can throw at you
Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by your side to sing

Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by your side to sing

Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by your side to sing along

Sarah Lienert

September 17, 2019
by wkeogh

Art News – term 3

Art News Term 3

This term our Art Leaders decided to hold a School Art Competition with entries due 24th October 2019. This is something contributing artists can consider during the holidays. Works will be judged in three categories, landscape, still-life or portrait. They will be also judged within four Year groups, Prep, 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6. Posters for the competition are around the school. Please come to the Art Room for information and submissions, or speak to your Art Leaders, Mieke Neumann and Zoe Kusserow.

If you would like your portrait entry to be considered in a selection of 10 school submissions for The Young Archies 2020, please follow all the conditions of entry on the following link and check out this year’s winners while you are there. The school submissions will be entered early next year between late January and early March.


This Term Prep students completed a range of crafts, constructions and collages and a mask in Oceanic style. They discussed patterns depicting the movement of the sea, and reasons why features of masks might not seem human.


Year 1 recently looked at Monet’s paintings of the sea and considered how the sky meets the horizon. They then glued some torn paper on for texture and folded their page to print a reflection of a sailboat in wet acrylic paint.


Year 2 made buildings for a collective city collage and looked at how other artists made art from the shapes and textural qualities of food. They then collected, cut and coloured “ingredients” for a fantasy or favourite pizza. Year 4 classes have been experimenting with drawing implements and the human face in a Portraiture Unit. They have copied other artists to learn some new tricks and have been looking in the mirror and at friends working, to implement the proportions of a face and shading techniques in pencil and water colour 

Year 5 looked at Pop Art this term and made ceramic cupcakes. Their brightly coloured works will be glaze fired over the holidays and on display in the foyer later next term. Year 6 have recently started a painting unit and have completed work on glazed clay tiles for a collective mosaic they will be presenting as a graduation gift to the school. 6C will be completing their tiles next term.


Have a wonderful Spring break. Looking forward to having those classes I’ve missed this term and very sorry to say goodbye to some wonderful Year 6 classes so soon.

Ms Farlow

September 17, 2019
by wkeogh

Spanish News

We have finally reached the end of term and there has been a lot of success across all levels. I have been extremely impressed with the Year 5 and 6 students who produced some fantastic role-plays for the unit of work “Las tiendas” (The shops) and I hope that they can now take you to the shops and ask for things in Spanish!

With the holidays fast approaching, here are some suggestions for those who wish to learn in additional ways:


  1. Netflix- There are many children’s programs that offer Spanish language shows using English sub-titles, such as Pocoyo. There will be many words in these shows that the children already know. Ask them to listen for the words and count how many they know.


  1. YouTube: Calico Spanish is a great resource for songs and dances to get your kids moving. We use a lot of these songs in the classroom and I am sure that you’ll learn a few news words and moves as well!


  1. Practice, practice, practice! If you know the word in Spanish, try using it whenever you can! Good manner words, such as gracias (thank you), de nada (you’re welcome), lo siento (I’m sorry) and por favor (please) are a great place to start.


I’ll finish off the term with una broma (a joke):

¿Por qué está triste el cuaderno de matemáticas?
Porque tiene muchos problemas.


Hasta pronto!

Señora Mason

August 22, 2019
by wkeogh

Book Week dress up day is almost here!

Tomorrow Friday August 23rd  is our Book Week dress up day. We look forward to seeing all students dressed up as their favourite book character.

There will be a special Book Week Assembly run by our fabulous library captains at 2.40 pm in the hall.



August 19, 2019
by edconnor

Schools Spectacular

Schools Spectacular is celebrating the last Mass Choir rehearsal with a special one-day only 10% discount for anyone wanting to purchase tickets for remaining seats.


For 24 hours on Wednesday 21 August (ending at midnight), there will be 10% off tickets purchased using the discount code choir (the code word is not case sensitive).


This discount code is available for tickets purchased online as well as over the phone:

www.ticketek.com.au/spectacular or phone 132 849.


August 9, 2019
by wkeogh

Book Week is coming!


Book Week is celebrated each year in mid to late August. This event highlights the importance of reading, and draws on the joy of stories and the creativity of Australian books.

Every year the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) produce a shortlist of books. All books on the shortlist are chosen for many reasons including literary merit, originality, book design and illustrations.

CBCA’s main goal has always been to encourage Australian writers, illustrators and publishers to produce children’s literature to exceptional standards.

The theme this year is ‘Reading is My Secret Power.’

The shortlisted categories we focus on at Laburnum Primary School are the Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Picture Book of the Year and the Eve Pownall award for information books.

We are reading and exploring the books in the Early Childhood category with the junior grades and Picture Book of the Year category with the senior grades.  Every student will get to vote on their favourite book and we are excited to see how our votes compare to those of the judges for Book of the Year in each category.  The Children’s Book Council of Australia will officially announce the winners on Friday 16th August.

For more information about the Children’s Book Council of Australia and the books nominated, please visit the CBCA website http://cbca.org.au

On Friday August 23rd  it is our Book Week dress up day where we are hoping all students will come dressed up as their favourite book character. There will be a special Book Week Assembly run by our fabulous library captains at 2.40 pm August 23rd in the hall.

10 ways Reading is a Secret Power

  1. Reading is mindful.
  2. Reading reduces stress.
  3. Reading improves your ability to wield words!
  4. Reading is free.
  5. Reading improves your writing.
  6. Reading increases empathy and social awareness.
  7. Reading is knowledge
  8. Reading improves your problem solving.
  9. Reading offers an escape from the daily grind.
  10. Reading exercise the imagination.


July 29, 2019
by edconnor

Change of 800m trials

Hi All,


Due to orchestra practice happening on Wednesday morning, the 800m trial has been changed to Friday morning. Please see below for updated times.


Laburnum P.S. District Athletics Trials 2019

Dear Parents,

If your child is interested in trying out for the District Team in the 800m or 1500m, please be at the school oval at the following times:

800m (all age groups): Friday 2nd August 8.10am

1500m (all age groups): Thursday 1st August 8.10am

Regards, Edmund Connor

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