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Another exciting day in the Art room as students from across the school paint, sculpt, draw and make artwork.

Year 3 students have modelled clay to create birds. They embellished their work with paint, pipe cleaners and feathers.

The Preps have also been exploring clay by making pinch pots with cacti, using warm and cool colours to paint their work.


Year 1’s have explored various materials and developed their fine motor skills by wrapping raffia and thread around an armature to create a cheeky animal.

The Year 6 students finished their Peace Posters earlier this term and the 3 finalists have been selected to represent the school at the Blackburn Lions Club.

Congratulations to Rose, Amelie and Mary.


With the holidays coming up, I hope everyone will find some time to get creative and make art at home.

-Maria Wheelton –



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