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June 9, 2017
by mariawheelton


In the art room, students have been hard at work making wonderfully imaginative pieces.

The grade 3 and 4 students have been developing their clay techniques including coils and slabs to design and make these lovely artworks.

Year 2 students have focused on printing using leaves and collographs.


Year 5 students have worked hard to meticulously rule and draw one point perspective landscapes.

Year 6 students have been getting very messy completing their wet felting with some very creative results.

June 8, 2017
by naomielias

Hola! News from the Spanish Classroom

Hola a todos,

What a busy Term 2 we have had so far in our Spanish classrooms! This term I had the pleasure of welcoming our Year 1 and Foundation students to the Spanish classroom.

The students have been learning the following basic greetings:

Hola: Hello

Buenos Días: Good Morning

Buenas Tardes: Good afternoon

Buenas Noches: Good Afternoon

The Foundation students have also been learning the numbers 1 -10 and created their own Spanish Number book so they can practice at home.

The Year 1 students are learning the song “Buenos días” by Rockalingua. Los niños (the children) love the song and it is a pleasure to hear them sing along!

You Tube clip below:

Other useful links:

Números 1 -10

Colores y Números by Rockalingua

The Year 4 students have been working on a role play for the last two weeks.  They have worked in groups to create a script with all the topics that we have learnt so far this semester. I was very pleased with the hard work and commitment that they showed during this project.


Hasta pronto,
Señora Plata

June 2, 2017
by wkeogh

Library News



Book Fair

“FANTASTIC” and “AMAZING” are words we are hearing a lot in our library this week. Our Book Fair has arrived and the students are buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm about the vast array of books, posters and stationery that are available for purchase. Students have been browsing the Book Fair and writing their wish lists. It has been fabulous to hear them discussing their favourite books and recommending great books to their friends.


Book Fair Purchasing dates

Monday June 5th (8.15 – 9.00 am and 3.30 – 4.15 pm)

Tuesday June 6th (8.15 – 9.00 am and 3.30 – 4.15 pm)

Wednesday June 7th (8.15 – 9.00 am and 3.30 – 4.15 pm)


We look forward to seeing you at our Book Fair next week ME MATEYS!!!!




May 7, 2017
by naomielias

NEVR Youth Concert

NEVR Youth Concert
Tuesday 30th May, 2017
Hamer Hall, 7.30pm

Tickets are on sale now for this year’s NEVR (North-Eastern Victoria Region) Youth Concert. Titled “DanceBeat”, the annual event will feature musical performances by approximately 700 primary and secondary students from across the metropolitan and regional regions.  The concert will feature individual school items, massed combined school orchestras, bands and choirs. Many of our Year 5 Choir members will be representing Laburnum Primary School in the Primary Choir.

Tickets can be purchased via artscentremelbourne.com.au.
Student/Conc. $20.00
Adult $28.00
Family $75.00 (2 adults & 2 child/conc.)

CHOIR MEMBERS, keep scrolling down
to find links to videos and audio files to assist with your practise at home:

(Traditional Torres Strait Island song & dance)

*Sesere Eeye HIGH HARMONY part


*Brolga SOPRANO part

*Brolga ALTO part


*Something Told the Wild Geese SOPRANO part

*Something Told the Wild Geese ALTO part

WAU BULAN (Moon Kite) 
(traditional Malaysian song and dance)


*The Wanderer SOPRANO part

*The Wanderer ALTO part

Ms Elias

May 4, 2017
by mariawheelton


Last term our newest art recruits, (our gorgeous Preps) made interpretations of Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’. With their fingers, the students spread different shades of blue paint onto foil and printed onto paper. Students used pastels to create their own landscapes learning about foregrounds with splendid results.

Similarly, the Grade 2s are currently exploring Van Gogh’s Sunflower series; after all, he is one of the most renowned painters to have lived in the last 200 years! The media they are experimenting with includes painting simulated textures using equipment such as forks and twigs to create different layers and strokes. Students are creating magnificent collages with symmetrical vases, pastel shading and leaf details.

If you would like to learn more about Van Gogh, a great family outing would be to visit the latest Blockbuster exhibition entitled, “Van Gogh and the Seasons”. This is the largest exhibition of Van Gogh’s to travel to Australia. This exhibition is on display at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) until 9th of July 2017.

Mrs Wheelton and I took the Laburnum Landscape Art Group to the NGVI on May 3rd to view these incredible landscapes. Every Thursday lunchtime these 20 Year 5 and 6 budding artists will be creating their own landscapes that will be displayed at the NGVI and later back at school.


I welcome the Grade 3s and 4s to Term 2. They studied American artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork, who is well known for her paintings that contain enlarged and painted objects as if viewed through a magnifying glass. Students are articulating new meanings and terms learning the difference between realism and abstraction. Look out parents; many students were surprised to learn that from the age of ten, O’Keeffe knew she wanted to be an artist!

Enjoy these beautiful artworks by some talented Year 4 students!



I am looking forward to Term 2 and getting to know you and the Laburnum Primary School community. I am passionate about the Visual Arts and creative design. It has been fabulous job-sharing with the talented Mrs Maria Wheelton.

Mrs Lou Blamey

(Visual Arts teacher Monday & Fridays)

April 19, 2017
by wkeogh

Library news


National Family Reading Month is designed to get more kids reading with their families. Research shows that family reading time is one of the best ways to grow a child’s interest in the wonderful world of books.

Join in the fun by entering the Read Aloud More in May Challenge by reading aloud with your family and friends every day in May. There are fantastic prizes to be won.

For more information please see the flyers on the library doors or go to scholastic.com.au/nfrm

Please help yourself to reading logs which are found on the small table next to the borrowing desk in the library.

March 17, 2017
by naomielias

Spanish Noticias (news)!

Hola a todos!

Wow! What a busy start to the year for all of our students and their introduction to Spanish. The students have been introduced to numbers 1 to 20 and to some presentations such as:

¿Cómo estás? – How are you?
¿Cómo se llama ella?- What is her name?
Ella se llama María- Her name is María
Él se llama PepeHis name is Pepe

The children are building up a solid foundation quickly and I am very happy with the committment they have shown so far!

The Year Two’s and Year Three’s have been practising their greetings and presentations such as those examples above with two furry hand puppet amigos (“friends”) Pepe and Maria!

The students love them and they are very happy to practise in front of the class with Pepe and Maria.

Students have also been learning the numbers 1 to 20 and they love the Números rap (“The Numbers Rap”) by Basho and Friends (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FEyfy5N3Nc).

Hasta La Vista,
Señora Plata

February 13, 2017
by wkeogh

Library News

Library Opening Times

The Library is open from 8.45-9.00 am every morning before school and during this time we encourage students to return books, borrow, read, build, play chess, draw and create. Parents are welcome to come and share stories with their children including toddlers.

The Library is also open during the second half of lunchtime (1.25 – 1.50 pm) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. There is a laptop roster that indicates the days that different year levels can borrow the laptops during lunchtime.

QR code area

I am very excited to introduce a new area to the library this year. In the centre of the library on the large orange pole you will find a number of QR codes created by LPS grade six students in 2016. Simply scan these QR codes using the i-nigma app that is on the supplied i-pads, to discover the wonderful online world of information about books and their authors. You will have the opportunity to listen to audio books, explore famous author’s websites and watch book trailers – just to name a few.

February 10, 2017
by bbrickhill

Welcome to the Spanish class!

This year we are very excited to be starting Spanish lessons at Laburnum PS.  In Term 1 students from Years 2 – 6 are having their first lessons.  So far the students have been learning greetings and days of the week.  You may like to practise these at home together:

Hello – hola

Good morning – buenos días

Good afternoon – buenas tardes

Goodbye – adios

If you would like an online activity to practice this you can use the following link using Languages Online or Digital Dialects

Señora Plata

Spanish teacher


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